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Dedicated people and agencies in public health, healthcare, environmental health and mental health turn to CSI for help addressing the big health challenges that face the public and the health services community. Using a social ecological model of systems and influences as a foundation, we help our clients identify issues and innovations, consider impacts of programs and policies, and communicate results throughout the system—individual to community to policy change.

Featured Projects


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Adult and Community Health: We guided the CDC’s Healthy Brain Initiative through development of the Public Roadmap for State and National Partnerships.


Delaware Behavioral Health Consortium: We involved over 600 community members in defining what is causing behavioral and mental health challenges and addiction, and what must be done.  We support the BHC in developing and taking action on priorities, and reporting on progress to affect the opioid use disorder epidemic.


Delaware Division of Public Health: We engaged over 100 agency and community stakeholders in developing a co-authored strategic framework to guide the Delaware DPH’s Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Program in meeting its mission to create healthier individuals and communities.


National Association of Chronic Disease Directors: We helped the NACDD revamp their member-oriented Learning and Professional Development offerings, and provided counsel and advice throughout the process of developing a sustainable, interactive program for assessment and skill-building of the Chronic Disease Workforce.


National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute: We conducted a group concept mapping study with the NCI to inform research recommendations and activities in cancer control in rural areas and communities.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: We engaged key stakeholders across the country to help the RWJF enrich understanding of a measurable Culture of Health, and helped assess the uptake of the RWJF Culture of Health principles, action areas, drivers, and health equity concepts.

Office on Women’s Health – Department of Health and Human Services: We guided the development of the national agenda and implementation plan to support the health of women and girls, along with the reporting framework for OWH’s report to Congress.

Missouri Foundation for Health: We led a participatory strategic planning process, resulting in a co-created plan and conceptual framework to be used as a structure for organizing, a blueprint for development, and a lens for comprehensive evaluation.

National Institutes of Health’s National Heart Lung and Blood Institute: We conducted a mixed-methods evaluation of the NHLBI Proteomics Centers Program, leading to discovery of new targets for intervention and clinically actionable tool sets.

“The best thing about working with CSI was their understanding of our needs and ability to develop a process for us to gain the information we were seeking.”

– Laura Saperstein, Director, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Obesity Prevention Program, Delaware Division of Public Health

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