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Software Pricing

You can purchase a single-use or annual license to CS Global MAX™.

Single License: Valid for the duration of one project; no time limit for access to data and analysis.

Annual License: Conduct unlimited projects for a 12-month time period.  Access to data and analysis continues after the year is complete.

Choose from the options below based on your organization:

Not-For-Profit Pricing

  • CS Global MAX

    • $1,800
      Single License
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    • or
    • $3,400
      Annual License
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  • CS Global MAX Gold

    • $3,600
      Single License
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In order to receive CS Global MAX™ at the discounted rate for Non-Profit organizations, please submit your 501(c) tax waiver within 7 business days of your purchase. Failure to submit may cause project activation delays.

Commercial Pricing

  • CS Global MAX

    • $2,550
      Single License
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  • CS Global MAX Gold

    • $4,300
      Single License
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Graduate Student Pricing

  • CS Global MAX

    • $1,200
      Single License
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    • or
    • $2,200
      Annual License
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In order to receive the graduate student discounted rate for CS Global MAX™ please submit the completed Graduate Student Acknowledgement form within 7 business days of your purchase. Download the form here and submit it to Failure to submit may cause project activation delays.

Optional Additional Research Essential Packages

We offer Research Essential Packages to provide assistance with designing a project or analyzing the results. Our team will guide you, providing valuable insight with one-on-one consulting. Packages consists of approximately 5 hours of total consulting time, including:

  • An initial phone conversation to gather background information on your project, its purpose, and progress thus far. Together, we identify areas needing the most support.
  • A CSI consultant’s time to work on areas of the project that require the most hands- on assistance and develop materials to best assist you.
  • A second phone call where the researched information is presented. Together with the consultant you discuss the best course of action to strengthen your research and put you on track for a successful Group Concept Mapping project.

Planning, Design & Management Pricing

Planning, Design & Management:

The key to success for any Group Concept Mapping project is planning. While a solid planning approach seems an obvious necessity, an oversight in the beginning stages of a project can lead to larger problems later, resulting in lost time and frustration. This package includes:

Project Design Assistance

  • Developing the focus prompt
  • Basic idea synthesis instructions
  • Rating and demographic questions
  • IRB/OMB considerations

Project Management

  • Timeline guidance
  • Stakeholder and participant review
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Maximizing stakeholder completion

Project Data Analysis & Utility Pricing

Project Data Analysis & Utility:

The brainstorming is complete, ideas synthesized, and sorting and rating activities finished. Now what? The CSI consulting staff has the experience needed to help you process your data set and coach you through interpreting the results. This package includes:

Map Creation and Cluster Analysis

  • Workflow for scenario generation and map creation
  • Guidance on final cluster solution

Interpreting and Applying Results

  • Review point and cluster Maps
  • Decide variables for Pattern Match and Go Zones
  • Conclusions from your maps

Supporting Methodology

  • Insight regarding studies and publications that will provide strength to your research

Presentation Support

  • Guidance on your research presentation
  • Facilitating a productive discussion

Subscription Features

All of our license packages include:

  • On- and off-line data collection
  • A focus prompt for gathering statements
  • Unlimited brainstorming statement collection
  • Unlimited anonymous participation for brainstorming
  • Up to 125 statements to be used in sorting and rating
  • Analysis capabilities including cluster map, go-zones, and pattern map construction

Choose either CS Global MAX™ or CS Global MAX™ Gold:

  • Up to 100 participants for sorting and rating
  • Up to 3 ratings questions
  • Up to 5 participant/demographic questions

Need a customized license? Call 607-272-1206 or Contact Us.

  • Up to 300 participants for sorting and rating
  • Up to 4 ratings questions
  • Up to 8 participant/demographic questions
  • Insertion of a logo into the project’s header space

Need a customized license? Call 607-272-1206 or Contact Us.

Getting Started

Learn more about Group Concept Mapping and CS Global MAX™ by contacting us or attending a free one-hour webinar.  We will set you up with the appropriate license and project design.

Purchase a License

Buy a license today by downloading our Project Activation Form provided in the link below or immediately by credit card through the “Buy Now” link under the appropriate license.

Project Activation Form

A confirmation email will be sent out after a purchase is made. If you do not receive a confirmation by email within 48 business hours of submitting your online purchasing form, please contact us using the information below. After a purchase is confirmed, Concept Systems, Inc. will activate your project within 48 business hours of receiving a project activation request. Concept Systems, Inc. offers refunds under the following condition: a full refund will be issued if we are notified within 30 days of purchase and your project has not yet been activated. Email: Phone: (607)-272-1206. Privacy Policy.