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We partner with our clients to expertly develop a suite of approaches uniquely tailored to each project.

When the challenge at hand requires gathering new information, these are some of the tools and approaches we employ for developing data and knowledge.

Action Planning Workshops: Engaging your team to chart a co-created course that will take you where you want to go.

Expert Panels: Capturing the knowledge of leading minds to inform a theory, develop a strategy, or produce a new approach; all guided by CSI research-based facilitation.

Focus Groups: Seeking new learning from More Knowledgeable Others in problem solving or opportunity development for your organization.

Group Concept Mapping: Using our highly respected application, groupwisdom™, to map a complete picture of what your stakeholders think, how they think, and what they value about the issue at hand.

Key Informant Interviews: Designing a welcoming, effective protocol to engage knowledgeable experts and access their best thinking about your challenge.

Retreat/Workshop Facilitation: Bringing your stakeholders together and leading them through a curated set of activities designed to build community and generate new understanding, with actionable results.

Surveys: Gathering the information you need, both qualitative and quantitative, and analyzing and presenting it for understanding and use.

World Cafés: Building relationships and seeking breadth and depth of knowledge while gaining a 360-degree understanding of an issue, context, or decision path.

Your organization already knows so much.  Here are tools and approaches we use to help clients understand and use existing data to make good decisions.

Bibliometric Analysis: Evaluating the presence and impact of research output about your issue produced by scientific organizations and systems.

Data Abstraction: Pulling the essential information while leaving unnecessary details in the background.

Database Development: Assembling information in a database to organize, query, and report data.

Environmental Scans: Mapping the existing assets and challenges to gain a full understanding of the current context.

Literature Reviews: Gaining a broad understanding of the existing thinking on your issue.

Logic Model Development: Compiling all you know about your issue to create an impactful and readily actionable theory of change.

Network Analysis: Surfacing deep relational structures among individuals and groups.

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