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June GCM Training

June GCM Training

Concept Systems announces the next CSI-site training session will be held June 24-26, 2019.  Spend 2 ½ days with our team of experts at our home office in lovely Ithaca, New York.  This comprehensive training on Group Concept Mapping Design and Practice includes instruction for our new GCM software, groupwisdom™.  It’s a great opportunity to learn or refresh your GCM skills.

CSI created group concept mapping over 25 years ago, and has been training practitioners ever since.  We continuously refine the program to reflect both our experience and the changing needs of our friends in the field.

You will learn every step you need to conduct a successful GCM project:

  • an overview of the GCM process
  • detailed explanation of the underlying concepts
  • advice and tools for GCM project planning, design, and management
  • instruction on using the newgroupwisdomTM software
  • information on how to interpret and present results
  • opportunity to engage with other GCM users and the CSI experts

Seating is limited and expected to fill up quickly.  If interested, contact Jon ( ASAP.  More information here.

“All content was useful.  What I appreciated the most was that first we reviewed the GCM methodology conceptually, and then we reviewed the software.  This allowed us to really understand the entire process.”

-April ’18 workshop attendee

“It’s a complete training for a project’s design, not just for the use of the data analysis software.”

-April ’18 workshop attendee

Not sure if GCM is right fit for your project?

Visit our online GCM Learning Center for some introductory learning opportunities.  Currently, we offer a Self-Directed Learning module on the GCM methodology.  This one-hour, self-guided, self-paced course is a perfect introduction to our full training.  We also, have introductory and technical webinars available.

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