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Group Concept Mapping for Research and Evaluation

Brief Overview of Group Concept Mapping

Group Concept Mapping (GCM) is CSI’s proprietary technology assisted methodology for planning and evaluation. It seeks and values the voices of stakeholders and applies rigorous analytics to opinions, beliefs and values to yield a visual framework. The results are a mirror to the stakeholders. They support the organization’s priorities and yield usable, context-generated results.

Using simple rules, CSI applies GCM to needs assessment, strategy or policy development, program priorities, and community action, to name a few uses. The simple rules: ask a group (a staff, a community, a population with specific needs) what they know or believe, how they think about what they know, and how they value the knowledge or opinions.

The analytics do the rest, and produce a rigorous yet flexible model of the group’s thinking and opinions for use to further the organization’s mission.

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