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With CSI behind your research team, you can save time and money for yourself and your client, and reach project milestones sooner.

CSR2R: Your team member for social research

Your company has deep and broad research methods capacity, and you apply it expertly. You may use interviews, world cafes, surveys, bibliometric analyses, social network analyses, environmental scans and the like; with the recruitment, data collection and analysis tasks you need to complete.

We can help—we can add our experience to your portfolio to get the job done and produce results that are ready for uptake and use. CSI knows the territory of social research, and can fit into your team as needed—in time, and under budget.

We aim to reinforce your project’s design, data collection, and analysis process. With CSI behind your research team, you can save time and money for your client and you, and reach project milestones sooner.

Your Outsource for Evaluation

CSI’s reputation for innovation and expertise in evaluation allows us to offer our talents to support your team’s evaluation contracts.  Whether as part of a large initiative, or conducting needs or progress assessments within a project, CSI can stand behind your team, taking away the need to “staff up” to tackle evaluation needs of your project.

Your Backroom For Group Concept Mapping

With every client and every new initiative, your research reputation can rise or fall. We can help you always exceed your client’s expectations, by being your “backroom” for Group Concept Mapping. GCM is a valuable tool for social, behavioral, patient or client-centered or organizational inquiry to surface the needs and opinions of your participants, to validate you client’s strategy, or to prioritize approaches.  And CSI is the recognized expert on GCM.

Working with research companies like yours, we customize our own GCM technology and hone the stakeholder approaches to suit you and the client.  CSI strives to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your research and commits to providing unique, expert capacity in the service of your company’s success.  We listen, customize, guide and respond to the project’s needs behind the scenes, to that the success is yours, and quality is assured.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project. We’ll match you with the right approach based on your goals, size, and budget.
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