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CSI continues support of the Behavioral Health Consortium

CSI continues support of the Behavioral Health Consortium

CSI has returned (virtually) to Delaware to continue our support of the Behavioral Health Consortium and its focused commitment to mental and behavioral health, and harm reduction regarding mental health needs, especially related to substance use disorder. BHC Committees target social determinants of health, policy and stigma reduction to change the state’s capacity to reduce incidence and deaths related to conditions that affect wellness. Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long, Chair of the BHC, describes the state’s experience with COVID as a new and significant factor in increased anxiety and stress for many people, and expects increased need for integrated mental and behavioral health approaches across the state.

CSI’s President Mary Kane is working with the BHC team to accelerate action, provide structure for data development and use, and support the work of the Committees for progress on BHC’s goals in this year’s plan.

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