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Concept Systems is hiring!

Concept Systems is hiring!

Concept Systems is hiring!

Concept Systems, Inc., a dynamic and respected organizational and social research firm that supports client-centered planning, training and evaluation needs, has overcome 2020!  We are looking to add to our team.  CSI, based in Ithaca New York, is interested in finding the best people to expertly perform the responsibilities of Senior Consultant and Client Services (Mid-level) Consultant.  CSI is operating remotely, so your location is not a barrier to joining the team!

CSI’s work is primarily in public and population health, behavioral and mental health, patient outcomes research, and community and organizational planning and program evaluation.  CSI supports other researchers with expertise in the full spectrum of group focused research.

CSI prioritizes the value of recognizing and capturing the lived experience and knowledge of communities affected by issues, to ensure that solutions are authored by those communities. CSI is also well-regarded for its facility with secondary data collection, aggregation and effective use for planning and program evaluation.

We are ready to welcome a Senior Consultant and a Client Services (Midlevel) Consultant.  Depending on your skills and experience, CSI would engage you in projects related to your areas.

The Senior Consultant will have a minimum of 5 years of experience working in the social research and/or evaluation environments of universities, government agencies, not-for-profit/community agencies and foundations.  As a key member of CSI’s consulting and social research team, the Senior Consultant is CSI’s spokesperson and leads client-centered, high quality design, implementation and results development of initiatives that will require applying knowledge and a range of tools and approaches to match the needs of the client.

The Senior Consultant will have expert skills in group decision making and management approaches, program and system evaluation, and survey and instrument development; specifically, facility with Group Concept Mapping and other electronic tools will be important.

The Client Services Consultant is CSI’s main connection to the client for project management, basic research and communication on each project.  The CSC works closely with the client and the CSI team assigned to the project to ensure efficient, complete, successful project implementation at every stage.  High value is placed on professional and context-appropriate management and communication skills, and the ability to plan with flexibility, anticipating required adjustments and supporting the client in its efforts. The CSC also leads and conducts project-related research and data development.

CONTACT Ellen Slusar at CSI: for full position descriptions, and to learn more about CSI’s opportunities.

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