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Message From Mary: Changing What Is To What Should And Can Be

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I remain grateful that my work puts me so close to quiet, steadfast and conscientious efforts across the country and the world to change what is to what should and can be—whether in public health, social sciences, mental health, organization and community...

Year end message to 2020 customers

This is a time for reflection, gratitude and hope. Your friendship and business this past year has meant more to us at CSI than you may know: in this most difficult year of our company’s existence, you trusted us and our work, and you permitted...

Message From Mary: Building Capacity To Do Good

The CSI team is weathering this time of uncertainty, and we hope you are as well. To help mitigate the effects of the continuing insults to our wellbeing as a society we continue to build capacity to do good. What do we mean by that?...

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