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About CSI

Concept Systems Incorporated uniquely combines consulting, facilitation, and technology-supported methods that turn the ideas of a group into measurable actions.  We are the expert in Group Concept Mapping, a simple and transformative process that creates consensus and captures group wisdom from disparate points of view.

Founded in 1993, Concept Systems, Inc. (CSI) guides and supports federal and state agencies, academic institutions, private businesses, national associations, and not-for-profit organizations.


groupwisdom™ is our proprietary web-based application.  The program supports stakeholder engagement, elicits buy-in and awareness, and leads to concrete outputs.  The analytics at the heart of groupwisdom™ are well-tested and accepted social research methods, giving you confidence that results will be useful and stand the test of time.  The technology has been used in hundreds of consulting engagements and thousands of individual research projects.

Our Team

CSI’s technical expertise stems from a diverse professional staff. We are headed by Mary Kane, Co-Founder and President, who is first author of the authoritative text on Group Concept Mapping, Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation. Our team is thoroughly versed in designing evaluations, working with multiple stakeholders, and managing complex projects on time and on budget. Consultants have advanced degrees in social science disciplines and a high level of relevant knowledge and experience with clients. CSI has the tools and experience to work with clients to tackle big issues with the hands-on customized approach of a small company.

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