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New Book!

New Book!

Mary and Scott at book signing AEA Nov2017

Mary Kane and Scott Rosas have published a new book on Group Concept Mapping.  Conversations About Group Concept Mapping: Applications, Examples, and Enhancements takes a concise, practice-based approach to Group Concept Mapping.  After defining the method, demonstrating how to design a project, and providing guidelines to analyze the results, this book then dives into real research exemplars.  Conversations with the researchers are based on in depth interviews that connected method, practice and results.

The conversations are from a wide variety of research settings, that include mapping the needs of at-risk African American youth, creating dialogue within a local business community, considering learning needs in the 21st century, and identifying the best ways to support teens receiving Supplemental Social Security Income. The authors reflect on the commonalities between the project and draw out insights into the overall group concept mapping method from each project.  A synthesis Chapter placed GCM squarely in the context of mixed methods methodology, enabling research in many social environments.

The book is available from the publisher, Sage Publishing, Amazon and others.