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GCM and Telehealth Program Development

You’ve probably heard the term telehealth or telemedicine recently.  Now, as health care changes in many ways, you’ll most likely be hearing these terms even more.  You may even find yourself attending a medical appointment remotely!  Hospitals, care givers, and physicians are actively seeking the best ways to add telehealth services to their practice.

Several health care researchers are using Group Concept Mapping as the go to methodology for telehealth strategies and programs.  The technique values the voices of physicians, care givers and patients equally, producing an emergent structure or roadmap for telehealth system development.  Providers can identify action points, determine milestones, and measure the program’s effectiveness. We think that this is an apt and exciting application of GCM, to extend the reach of good medical care.

If you’re interested in setting up patient data and interaction programs, let us know!  We are happy to help.