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Group Concept Mapping Facilitator Training

September 25-27, 2017
Ithaca, New York

Join the GCM experts for our immersive training seminar in group concept mapping methodology!

Learn GCM’s simple rules and how they work in your research.

Ask your participants
  • what they think about the question or problem at hand
  • how they think about the information surrounding the issue
  • how they value the information

Every step you need to take for a successful GCM research experience is detailed in an easy to understand decision chronology that guides your project design and decision making.  You’ll learn how to collect qualitative data from your participants and how the mixed methods approach turns information into quantitative results presented with the maps and graphics associated with group concept mapping.

Who should attend?

-Social researchers interested in valuing the voice of all participant communites equally

-Program planners and managers interested in mixed methodologies that produce emergent structures utilized to improve the organization.

This training is for individuals at any stage of their research career. Whether you are an academic, program manager, or an evaluator working independently or with a firm, our experts will walk you through all aspects of the GCM methodology providing you with…

Complete Technical Methodological Review
  • Our team of GCM experts will lead you through the science behind the process: multi-dimensional scaling, hierarchical cluster analysis, spanning, bridging, and other algorithms embedded in the methodology.  
One-on-One Discussions and Assistance with Your Project
  • Our project clinic helps you make decisions about your project. From focus prompt development to analysis questions, we’ll work with you to create the best design.
The Milestones and Benchmarks of a Well Designed Project
  • All the steps necessary for GCM presented in our guided project workbook. The workbook assists with your project development and implementation by asking you the important questions surrounding prompts, participation, and utilization that are unique aspects for each project.

Concept Systems, Inc created group concept mapping over 30 years ago, and has been training practitioners ever since. We continuously refine the training seminar to reflect both our experience and the changing needs of our friends in the field.

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