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Sept GCM Training

Sept GCM Training

CSI will host our final Group Concept Mapping (GCM) project training of the year, September 24-26.  This comprehensive, 2.5-day training in GCM will provide you with all the tools you need to conduct a successful GCM project.

Lead by global GCM experts, trainees will learn about:

  • the concepts of the GCM methodology;
  • process facilitation for conducting a GCM project;
  • use of GCM software (CS Global MAX™); and
  • analyzing and presenting the results.

“All the content was useful.  What I appreciated the most was first we reviewed the GCM methodology conceptually, and on the last session we reviewed the software. This allowed us to really understand the entire process.”

-April ’18 workshop attendee

“It’s a complete training for a project’s design, not just for the use of the data analysis software.”

-April ’18 workshop attendee

The GCM methodology follows simple rules and is perfect for program evaluators, agency planners, and social researchers who are interested in democratized participation, valuing voice, and group-based planning.

Class size is limited, and we expect to sell out.  If interested, please contact Jon Littlefield ASAP at

For more information on this training, click here.

For more information on GCM, take our brief, self-guided, introductory module, click here.