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Our resources below will help build your knowledge of Group Concept Mapping and help you effectively use CSGlobalMAX™.

CSI Site Training

Group Concept Mapping Design and Practice Training

Ithaca, NY

April 15- 17, 2019

The most in-depth education on Group Concept Mapping is our GCM Design and Practice Training . This 2½ day training program at our Ithaca offices is a comprehensive introduction to the methodology and the new groupwisdom software. The CSI team focuses on your research interests and advises on your individual projects. You will learn how to organize a group’s ideas and priorities efficiently and effectively to guide planning, inform decision-making, and evaluate programs. During the seminar, you will meet other researchers using GCM from a variety of fields and organizations. The cost is $1,500. Open to all.

If you have questions or would like to register, send us an email or call CSI at (607) 272-1206. Space is limited.

Self Directed Learning

Learn about Group Concept Mapping

You can access our free self-directed learning course, Introduction to Group Concept Mapping.  This self-paced course provides a basic introduction to the GCM methodology.

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Introduction to GCM Webinar Recording

An Introduction to Group Concept Mapping and CS Global MAX™

In this free one-hour introductory recording, you will learn the basics of the Group Concept Mapping methodology, and get hands-on experience with the CS Global MAX software. We discuss best practices in creating a successful Group Concept Mapping project and explain key steps from planning, design, management, data analysis and use.

Technical Webinar Recording

CS Global MAX™ Technical Tutorial: Data Collection and Analysis

This free recording features a technical tutorial from a webinar. We orient you to the key features and functionality of the software’s data collection capabilities, and showcase the software’s analysis features. After the recording, you will know how to manage, conduct, and analyze all of your participant data.

Resource Guide

In the resource guide you will find basic information about Group Concept Mapping (GCM), in an easy to use format.

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Group Concept Mapping projects using the CS Global MAX software have been published in hundreds of peer-reviewed and other journals. Click below to view the bibliographies by topic.

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CSGlobalMAX Manual

Click below to download the manual for CSGlobalMAX

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Concept Mapping for Planning and Evaluation (Applied Social Research Methods)

Below are links to purchase this book from Amazon or directly from the publisher:

Amazon  Sage Publishing

Conversations About Group Concept Mapping: Applications, Examples, Enhancements

Below are links to purchase this book from Amazon or directly from the publisher:

Amazon  Sage Publishing