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Graduate Student Contest winners

Graduate Student Contest winners

In honor of our 25th anniversary we named three Graduate Student Contest winners! These Group Concept Mapping newbies are conducting studies on transitioning veterans, urban renewal and chronic disease. We look forward to seeing their results!

Congratulations winners!

Nathan Bridendolph MS Veteran
Doctoral student
West Virginia University

Issues surrounding the transition from the military to civilian life date back to the origins of armed conflict. While advances in medicine and educational opportunities have improved for veterans, adjusting to disabilities, finding a niche in a majority culture, or dealing with the aftermath of sexual trauma often are not addressed.

Group Concept Mapping would offer student veterans the unique opportunity to contribute their specific needs when transitioning to college.

The results of the study are to assist universities and clinicians to understand and meet the needs of these subgroups more effectively; improving their college experience and increasing the likelihood of graduation.

Tobias Nicholson MD-ScM Candidate ’21
2nd year medical student
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

A majority of individuals experiencing homelessness spend their time interacting with each other and using the public infrastructure in a specific Providence, RI, neighborhood. The neighborhood is slated for urban renewal. Yet minimal outreach has been done to gather this community’s feedback about their opinions on what the urban renewal project should look like.

Group Concept Mapping will be used to better understand the expectations of an urban renewal project focused on making changes to public infrastructure, such as sidewalks, public art, and roadways.

GCM will be used as the platform to make the connections between urban planning, health, and how to use research to give voice to members of the community who experience systemic discrimination.

Kelly Spanier MS Clinical Psychology
Doctoral student
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

A critical aspect of chronic illness management is working with individuals through the continuous identity transitions they experience as during their disease progression. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a rare, chronic, and multi-systemic illness with limited treatment options and an insufficient number of knowledgeable care providers.

The study will utilize Group Concept Mapping to gather data on the change in self-identity that individuals with EDS experience following diagnosis.  GCM and was chosen to better capture the lived experience of this vulnerable and underserved population.

The GCM results will create a visual representation of self-identity and its impact on lives of individuals with EDS, and may provide direction for providers supporting this community.

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