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Fitting the best social research methods to your circumstances, we design all aspects of a project’s planning and conduct.

In evaluation, program planning, and theory development, CSI responds to research needs by recommending and combining tools.

Primary Research For Knowledge Building

Group Concept Mapping – CSI’s flagship methodology and unique technology assisted approach to capture, articulate and value the voices of those who can contribute to a solution. GCM’s simple rules allow extremely effective engagement for a “greater than the sum of its parts” results. It is time efficient, and adaptable to the group’s particular needs.

Expert Panels – We develop, manage, and facilitate expert panels for consensus decision-making, basing the panel work in relevant preparatory research.

Facilitated Discussions – We engage participants at each relevant level to foster deliberation and support cooperative discussion, creating a common perspective and enhancing understanding of the issues.

Focus Groups – Using accepted practices, we organize, manage, and facilitate focus groups through face-to-face and virtual means.

Individual Interviews – We construct and coordinate key informant interviews using customized protocols, both structured and semi-structured.  We conduct interviews face to face or any other interactive modality that supports the project.

Workshop Facilitation and Management – We plan, manage, and facilitate meetings and workshops from 6 to 200 people.  We include a full range of logistics planning and on-site coordination, and lead content and agenda planning and presentation.

World Cafés – We use world cafés, a systematic, layered construction of opinions and values through “round robin” knowledge building, world cafés lead to a 360-degree understanding of an issue, a context, and a decision path.

Whether it’s Team Science or Community Building, CSI consultants are group decision facilitation experts, keeping current on the latest research on how groups work best together.

Secondary Data Analysis

In evaluation, program planning, and theory development, CSI responds to research needs by recommending and combining tools like these:

Bibliometric Analysis – Using widely accepted analytical techniques, we evaluate the presence and impact of research output produced by scientific organizations and systems.

Data Abstraction – We develop and implement structured protocols for data abstraction from existing materials including CVs, NIH BioSketches, reports, and communication materials.

Database Development – We construct and annotate small research databases for efficient data management and produce analysis.

Literature Reviews – We design the protocol and conduct general and systematic literature reviews on topics related to the client’s needs, including public health and large-scale evaluation.

Logic Models – We craft logic models based on the theory of the program, adjusting to reflect and predict the anticipated changes in a research initiative.

Network Analysis – Using network analytics, we examine the apparent relational structures and surface deep structures between individuals and groups.

Survey Management – We design, create, and implement surveys via paper and online platforms.

We develop rigorous inquiry protocols that are effective and easy for your participants to respond to. We conduct highly effective recruitment for each event. We combine tools and results in innovative ways to meet your research needs.

Successful Outcomes

Browse from a few of our case studies to see examples of our process in action.

CSI Bibliographies, are organized by topic or application.

  • In Development and Planning/ Public Health
    State of Delaware
  • In Development and Planning/ Mental Health
    Mental Health America (MHA)
  • In Community Good/ Needs Assessment
    NYS Early Intervention Program
  • In Needs Assessment/ Public Health
    The Office on Women’s Health
  • In Curriculum and Theory Development/ Public Health
    National Association of Chronic Disease Directors
  • In Evaluation/ Public Health
    National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • In Community Good/ Evaluation
    Hunter College
  • In Community Good/ Development and Planning/ Public Health
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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