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Confident Leadership in Changing Times Workshop

Confident Leadership in Changing Times Workshop

In chronic disease prevention and health promotion, as in many ‘do good’ environments these days, uncertainty is a given, and nimble, capable leadership is a must.  The Chronic Disease Prevention Leadership Meeting, hosted by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, invited Mary Kane to facilitate her newly developed workshop last month entitled Confident Leadership in Changing Times.  Senior leadership from NACDD, the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, and state chronic disease agencies, explored a range of management and leadership models and defined the precursors of confident leadership.  How do we support one’s own capacity for confident leadership, and what is needed to build confident leadership in others?  Mary introduced the group to a Confident Leadership building model, and assessment tools to help identify and track progress on important characteristics of Confident Leadership.

As an outcome of the Workshop, Mary and the team are building a Confident Leadership assessment tool, drawing on existing Chronic Disease Competencies, the literature on leadership assessment, and the feedback from attendees and other professionals.