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Our work is grounded in our commitment to valuing voice, supported by rigorous methodologies, and expertly aligned with our clients’ cultures and contexts.

  • We provide expert strategic support to bring out the best thinking of your team, taking into account the political, philosophical, practical, and personal elements of your planning initiative.
  • We work with you to select the best approaches and methods to serve your project’s particular needs.
  • We support you to ensure the development of an immediately actionable strategic framework with a process that generates buy-in every step of the way, so you can hit the ground running.
  • We include guidance on progress measurement and evaluation, and support measure development.

“CSI staff is professional, experienced, and personable.  They have an in-depth knowledge of our organization and can anticipate what we need.  CSI provides us with a wealth of experience and expertise.” – Fred Gatto, Health Promotion Bureau Chief, Delaware Division of Public Health

  • We engage you in thinking deeply and from multiple perspectives to make sure you’re asking the right questions to get the answers you need.
  • We support you to connect with the right stakeholders so that you get information from people with true knowledge of the situation at hand.
  • We work with you to select the best set of methodologies for your purposes.
  • We help you gain a full understanding of the results and make plans for applying that understanding.

“The CSI team worked very well with our team to understand the landscape, and challenges we were facing. They worked hard to use that knowledge to tailor the project to our work.” – CSI Client

  • We guide you through an evaluation design process that is both rigorous and artful, ensuring a responsive and efficient evaluation process.
  • We work with you to select and combine the methodologies that will give you the deepest and most thorough understanding of your question.
  • We expertly employ the best tools and frameworks to collect and analyze data.
  • We help you understand evaluation results and apply them to support processes, outcomes, and impact.

“When I think about what you bring to an evaluation, I think about your adaptability and flexibility, and the reasonableness you bring to the table. You have the ability to discover additional important issues or subjects – to see new things that are helpful. The success of this work also stemmed from the creativity of your people, and the general professional way in which you all worked together to get the job done.” – George Grob, President, Center for Public Program Evaluation

  • We provide expert study design, from crafting the research questions or hypotheses to devising analytical approaches to best conduct the inquiry.
  • We work with you to determine the methodological approach (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods) that will best serve your purpose.
  • We develop and implement research procedures including recruitment, data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • We help identify outlets for the results of your research and work with you on the creation of final written products, including peer-reviewed manuscripts.

“The work we’ve done with CSI has been a true collaboration. It wasn’t hiring CSI to produce something, but working with them towards the development of an end product with full partnership.” – Cynthia Vinson, Senior Advisor, Implementation Science Team, National Cancer Institute

  • We dive deep with you to fully understand your context and need.
  • We approach your question from a social-ecological model, giving you a full picture of the issue at hand.
  • We work with you to develop the right approach, drawing from processes like retreats, workshops, values clarification, and World Cafés.
  • We help you keep stakeholder voice at the center of the work so you can meet your mission with a unified team, clear roles, common vision, and clear expectations.

“The best thing about working with CSI was their collaboration, expertise, and ability to tailor the tools and processes to our needs.” – Daniela Seskar-Hencic, Director, Strategic Planning and Evaluation, University of Waterloo

  • We work with you to define your learning objectives by analyzing your context, field, and strategic goals.
  • We help you find out what your learners, leaders, and other key stakeholders think is important.
  • We generate a learning plan with you that meets your goals, makes sense to your learners, and produces assessment data for decision making.

“I am very appreciative of your work and in getting our members to the place where they are.” – John Robitscher, CEO, National Association of Chronic Disease Directors

  • We guide you through an all-angles discernment process to fully articulate your organization’s professional and leadership development needs and goals.
  • We work with you to develop assessment tools to gain a complete understanding of the current state.
  • We develop a suite of approaches to support your workforce and leaders to meet their development goals while advancing your organization’s mission.

“It was a positive process and we are finding very useful information from it…We are also using it to formulate our goals for the next five years…We were very pleased all along with all personnel involved. They were always helpful, friendly and professional…very client oriented…I really think it exceeded our expectations. “ – CSI Client

We support our clients with these six actions.

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