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New Course offered at Chronic Disease Academy

Concept Systems has developed a new half-day course on the Chronic Disease Competencies and tools for NACDD directors and staff, entitled Using the New NACDD Competencies for Learning and Professional Development: Tools and Strategies. This new workshop hosted by Mary Kane, President of CSI, will be part of the NACDD Academy 2017.  This workshop will introduce participants to NACDD’s newly revised professional competencies and describe how fundamental they are to learning and professional development for chronic disease practitioners.  During this active and participatory session, participants will experience the application of the competencies in their every-day work, as well as in professional and career development, by conducting their own assessments during the workshop.  The course emphasizes the utility of the competencies in a team or agency environment, illustrating their use in formulating relevant, aligned and measurable job descriptions, interview protocols and staff assessments.  Participants will learn how the competencies can help guide personal career development, as well as performance improvement on the job, and gain a better understanding of how the Chronic Disease Competencies can be used to enhance their knowledge about chronic disease program implementation and evaluation on a day-to-day basis.