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25th Anniversary Symposium

25th Anniversary Symposium

We are delighted to kick off Concept Systems’ 25th anniversary year of events and celebrations by hosting, with our colleagues at the Welten Institute at Open University of the Netherlands, a Group Concept Mapping Anniversary Symposium.  This symposium, Conversations about Group Concept Mapping, is the first in a year-long series of events and knowledge exchange experiences, to thank our clients and colleagues, and to highlight work using Group Concept Mapping (GCM).

What are we celebrating?  25 years ago, we created Concept Systems with a mission to support the work of those who strive to improve societies and communities. We committed to providing the best tools and counsel to support inclusive research and evaluation. With advances in the technology, we are looking ahead to greater opportunities to support important group research like yours.

We invite you to join us at the Auberge De Rousch in Heerlen, the Netherlands, on 11 October, 2018, where we will launch our new application GROUP WISDOM, the exciting evolution of CSI’s CSGlobal GCM technology!

The half-day event will highlight the work that GCM has supported over the years, and concentrate on the value of process in stakeholder centered research like GCM. We will use the key concepts in our new book, Conversations About Group Concept Mapping, to frame discussions about participation issues, process adaptations and mixed methods with GCM as the anchoring methodology.

We invite you: send us topics that you would like to explore, and we will include your interests to shape the discussion.

The nominal fee of €140 includes all registration and materials, luncheon, and coffee breaks.  We’re planning an end-of-day reception as well.  For more than one attendee from an institution, the registration cost will be reduced to €120 per person.

More details and registration information can be found here.  Attendance will be limited, so please let Nancy Szary, at, know of your interest as soon as you can.